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Greetings from Klymenko: hybrid “fight for freedom of speech”

“Activists” like an another invention of Russian hybrid aggression. Naturally, there is nothing about real rights protecting.


September 10th 2018, Warszawa hosts a yearly Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, devoted to protection of human rights and democracy. For almost two weeks representatives of various OSCE member countries working in government sector, media and non-government organizations took parts in discussion panels and side events, discussing the fundamental human rights, the supremacy of law, tolerance and non-discrimination, fight against the racism, xenophobia, migration issues, safety and many other topics.

Ukraine takes active part in such events held under the OSCE aegis from the start of Russian aggression. The goal is simple, to use each and any opportunity to give a public response for Russian propaganda and to protect the rights of Ukrainians who stay on the occupied territory.

In the same familiar way Kremlin tries to turn the OSCE meeting into a propaganda foothold, to justify the crimes of Russian government on the occupied territories. And in the same way it is helped by so called proxies, organizations which are managed and financed by Kremlin, but not affiliated with it in a direct way.

While the discussion about “Human rights and media freedom in Crimea” was directly organized by a permanent representative of Russian Federation in OSCE, there was also another discussion under the aegis of esteemed conference, which was held at September 11th 2018, and it was organized by Ukrainian organization.

A round table about possible risks to freedom of speech in Ukraine was organized by so-called “Human rights defenders platform ‘Successful Watch’”, and judging from the announcements and fliers which were given out to conference visitors, the person in charge of all the organizational questions was Tetyana Galonza, an employee of the esteemed organization.

According to the database of YouControl service of open registration data, the public organization “Human rights defenders platform ‘Successful Watch’” was indeed registered according to the Ukrainian laws back at December 8th 2014 and thus exists for almost 4 years. At this day the press center of Anti-Terrorist Operation publicized the regular information about the losses of Ukrainian armed forces and the casualties among civilians caused by Russian aggression. Perhaps this was what called for creating of organization like this?

But again, according to the same YouControl service, at least until July 2016 this organization was called Public Organization “All-Ukrainian Association ‘Successful Country’”, and was advertising a nice bearded man, former head of the Ministry of Revenues and Duties Oleksandr Klymenko, who talked in his advertisement, in a very tragic way, how he was forced to leave Ukraine.


Apparently, at one moment mister Klymenko understood that the only way to get real political dividends can be earned in the questions of protection of human rights, or in the imitation of such. And it was already said enough about the “Successful Ukraine” organization which he created from the funds stolen during his cadence as a Minister.

The founders of the Public Organization “Successful Watch” are: Olexander Kachur, who was the first deputy minister in the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, during the cadence of Raisa Bogatyrova, when Olexander Klymenko was a head of tax service; and Andriy Holubev who was an elected as city deputy of Donetsk, and in the same time was a deputy of the head of Donetsk city branch of “Party of Regions”.


The head of this public organization in the first few years of its existence was Olesya Igorevna Medvedeva. She also was a member of political council, and a head of the youth movement of the political party “Successful Country”.


Probably, Olesya moved to Kyev from Horlivka after the Russian aggression started — also due to actions of her boss. Before the relocation she worked as a public relation specialist for the Department of Youth Education and Sports of the Horlivka city council.

This September she made a post on her Facebook page saying that she left the YouTube project KlymenkoTime, and at the moment is a special correspondent of the media institution. For example, here’s her story about the joint prayer devoted to Ukrainian church getting the autocephaly.

Yet Olesya was not only the nominal manager and a host of YouTube videos which propagated the fake stories and narratives from Klymenko. On assignment from her sponsor she took an active part in the discussions of human rights in Ukraine. One of such conferences was held in European Parliament.

An interesting fact would be that one of the organizers of the hearings on the questions of freedom of speech in Ukraine at September 27th 2017 was a Jiří Maštálka, a well-known to Ukrainians deputy of European Parliament, who also happens to be a member of Czech Communist Party and a recipient of awards and prizes from Vladimir Putin himself.

Olesya did not merely conversed to European Parliament members, but she also presented them with a lot of print papers, funded by Klymenko and his Kremlin friends.

Almost exactly one year later, September 2018, in Warszawa, someone Dmytro Vasylets took part in the discussion about human rights. Dmytro Vasylets is a subject of one of the KlymenkoTime stories, by Olesya Medvedeva.

Medvedeva was succeeded on her post of director of public organization by Natalia Natalina, another proactive host of KlymenkoTime Youtube channel. Natalia is well remembered by the fact that during the OSCE meeting in Warszawa she attacked the idea of giving the independence to Ukrainian church, and accused the Ukrainian government in forcing the believers in the autocephalous church.

This topic is not too familiar for Klymenko’s activists, yet you must work for the money paid by Kremlin. And they must have been paid well, because Klymenko’s team not only travelled all the way to Warszawa, but also organized their own “round table” panel. Tetyana Galonza, who was mentioned on the flyers as an organizer of this round table, also got her turn to speak on the OSCE official panel, and talked about Ukraine violates the human rights.

A special attention must be paid not to organizers of the special discussion panel of OSCE in Warszawa, but those who were invited as a speakers. For example, Valentyn Rybin, who is mentioned among the participants of the round table.

He is well known to Ukrainian media just as well. Mostly because he, as a lawyer, is involved in legalization of a lot of persons which are suspected in being agents of Russian secret service, or perhaps are used by secret service without their knowledge and consent.

For example, among his clients were: Maria Koleda (now the head of so-called “Union of Donbass Volunteers”, which unites the mercenaries who fought against the Ukrainians), or Olga Kuligina (founder of Russian propagandist media “Anna News”), and many more people who were accused in crimes against Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 and against Ukrainian territorial integrity.

An interesting fact: the “successful Watch” flyer mentions that Valentyn Rybin defends another so-called “political prisoner”, named Darya Mastikasheva. And let’s not forget that the Russian department of Amnesty International organization also lists in his yearly report Daria Mastikasheva case as an example of human rights violation.

Such claims from the “Successful Watch”, Valentyn Rybin and Amnesty International are laughable. Darya Mastikasheva is a former porn model, and until recently, a mistress of Sergey Sokolov, a former bodyguard for Boris Berezovsky and the expert of Russian “Federal Informational Center “Analytics and Security’”. According to the information from Security Service of Ukraine, Darya played her particular role in the planned provocation which aimed for defamation of Ukraine, staging the fake terrorist attack on the Russian territory.

Mastikasheva was arrested by Security Service of Ukraine in August 2017, accused in the recruitment of Ukrainian citizens for planned provocations on the territory of Russian Federation, including the terrorist attacks. Later, the actions of Russian Federal Security Service confirmed these suspicions.

One of the initiators of publicity regarding the Darya Mastikasheva case was her civil partner, Sergey Sokolov.

In 2014 he was using the Russian media for spreading the information, claiming to have the proofs of the real reason behind the Malaysian Boeing MH17 catastrophe. Which, according to him, was the intentional placing of the bomb by American secret service, to tarnish the image of Vladimir Putin and his sidekicks in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”.

Soon after the Mastikasheva was arrested on Ukrainian territory, Sergey Sokolov was arrested in Moscow by Russian Federal Security Service, on the very same accusations of planning the crimes and terrorist attacks in Russia.


In truth, it is obvious that Darya Mastikasheva, the partner of Sergey Sokolov, acted according to his directions to realize the planned operation, which was funded by Russian special services or affiliated Russian oligarchs.

Sokolov, who has a lots of contacts amidst the Russian law enforcement employees, planned the operation on the Ukrainian territory, and found the necessary funds for its realization. When this operation was disrupted because of Security Service of Ukraine interference, the organizers started to look for ways to blame the Ukraine. One of the ways was to use the OSCE freedom of speech meeting as a platform.

The “Successful Watch” of Klymenko indeed was successful to use the topics of human rights to manipulate the information, and their only goal was to persuade the Western political elites and public that Ukraine government disregard the norms of civilized world. It was supposed that seeing this, Europeans would come to their senses and will cut off their support to Ukraine, leaving it one by one with Kremlin/

Yes “successful Watch” was not first trying to do this. A public organization “All-Ukrainian Commission in Human Rights” (ЄДРПОУ [VZ1] 39461398) was registered six weeks before the “Successful Country” (also known as “Successful Watch”) as an all-Ukrainian organization which has its branches in two thirds of country’s region administrative centers. A founder and the head of this public organization was Olexii Volodymyrovych Tarasov, who posed as a human rights activist.

“Commission in Human Rights” created a 1-page web site, which was only used to publish the one single report in two languages, in Ukrainian and English, and with one sole purpose, to advocate that Anti-Terrorist Operation is not a mean of protection from Russian aggression, but the total violation of human rights.


Here’s but a part of Table of Contents of the report, which can still be found in open access on the Internet.


In 2015 the representatives of this “Commission” took part in the very same OSCE event, the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, which was also visited by Klymenko activists in next two years. You can hear the presentations by Olexii Tarasov and Dmytro (Dmytry) Perlyn (who represented the so-called human rights organization from Ukraine) on their own Youtube channel, which was created just for this purpose.


For reasons well understood, Olexii Tarasov immediately became favored by Russian TV channels, and he gave a few interviews about his “passionate fight for human rights”. But he was not much in the media spotlight since. The young and ambitious Dmytry Perlyn is a different story. Now he lives in Moscow and poses as a “founder of Moscow School of Political Consulting”, which does not prevent him from writing praises to his former boss, Victor Medvedchuk.


It is not a big surprise, as almost immediately after the creation of Victor Medvedchuk’s “Ukrainian Choice” project, Perlyn joined it, and even was assisting Medvedchuk, and literally carried his briefcase. (We don’t have any information at all as to whether Victor Medvedchuk is fond of the young lads or not.)


And you can still find the video on YouTube from Ukrainian Revolution of 2014, showing Dmytro Perlyn who is provoking the mob against the journalists of 5th TV Channel. At that time he was a co-founder anti-Maydan movement called “For the Clean Kyiv”, financed by Medvedchuk — that movement was responsible for first TV appearance of infamous actress Maria Tsypko, who posed as the “daughter of the officer” in a fake news story.

Unfortunately, we must come to conclusion that “activists” like these are nothing new in the period of Russian hybrid aggression. And the credible Ukrainian human rights organizations which exist for many years, are well aware of this. For example, the representatives of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group made numerous public statements about Putin’s propagandists posing as the human rights activists.

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group members quote one of the participants of OSCE conference, Olga Skrypnik: “Today during the meeting concerning the humanitarian questions (including the refugees and relocated persons) a member of so-called “Ukrainian Commission in Human Rights” made a speech. I think that he intentionally used the word “refugees” and did not use the term “relocated persons”. He made a statement that the only cause of refugees are the actions of Ukraine. The young man did not knew and seemingly did not even understood Ukrainian language, and left immediately after his speech, to be later seen accompanying the Russian delegation. This organization left the brochure called “Unproclaimed war in the center of Europe” amidst the other print materials. It is claimed to be printed in Kyiv, but not in some particular print house, rather “on the private print machine”. From the first lines of introduction, it is clear whose interests this “Commission” advocates for.”

Sadly, both OSCE and other European organizations and Western media continue to digest all this information trash provided by Vladimir Putin, Medvedchuk, Klymenko and many others — just wrapped around in the package of “human rights”.

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