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Peter and Mazeppa


Small Internet tricks with far-reaching consequences

How local pro-Kremlin agents in Estonia campaign against NATO

Radioactive Russian propaganda. How does it work in Latvian society?

Lithuania - immunity against Russian propaganda

Some aspects and trends of the information space of the Baltic region in the context of possible use by the Russian side of certain social processes as vulnerabilities for Lithuania's information security

The (In)Vulnerable Society

The weaknesses of the strong country

Fascists. Part 3. The Junta fairytales. Create your own fascist

Create your own fascist. Part 3

The Scariest of Politicians

And again about Nord Stream 2: how Russia lobbies its gas interests in Europe

And we continue to keep you abreast of the situation around the construction of Nord Stream-2. Who and why lobbies interests of the Russian Federation in Europe.

Energy security of Ukraine and Russian aggression

On the importance of energy independence

Despair as a tool, brawling as a way of life