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Peter and Mazeppa


Will Bulgaria Be Able To Oppose Russian Schemes

On the intricacies of Russian-Bulgarian relations. How did energy dependence develop?

Russian Private Military Companies in Africa: What Are They Doing There?

"PMC Wagner" in Africa. Why Russia is increasing its presence in the region.

Who and Why Loves Putin in Europe and USA? Part 2

European Putin’s supporters Part 2: Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and others.

Who and Why Loves Putin in Europe and USA? Part 1

The detailed examination of some political parties, movements, leaders which for different reasons play on the Putin’s side. Part 1: France, UK, Germany, Hungary and Italy.

How European “Friends of Russia” visited Crimea

European delegations to the Crimea. Who are these friends Putin’s “friends”?

GRU, FSB , Cooks and Cops

The more power law enforcers have, the more the controversies between different structures escalate.

A Soft Power of the Iron Boot

What is Kremlin "soft power" and how it works in Ukraine and abroad.

Russian Gas Noose on the European Neck

Nord Sream II is a good example of an attempt of Russian expansion into EU

Russian Cyber Forces

How Western Media Spread Russian Propaganda onto European Audience

Russism-flavored Populism

How can Russia use the tendencies of success of European populism in its favor or at the expense of the EU